Whether you’ve just started a business or want a revise your social media presence, our Social Media Boost package is right for you. Hands down video is the most powerful marketing tool available to you and you know that because you’re currently looking for a video production company to take it to the next level.

In order to get customers you need gain their trust first. But how do you do that? You need to show you are approachable and likeable, to demonstrate you understand the problem they are facing, explain that you are qualified and confident to help them.

With the Social Media Boost package we help you by creating videos that gain the trust of your prospective customers by creating authentic content that explains who you are, shows you experience and expertise, gets across your personality and create videos that explain your understanding of customer pain points.

If the thought of appearing on camera worries you – have no fear, we’ve been there. We will be guiding you throughout the day so you feel at ease appearing in front of the camera and we will provide you with some tips so you are delivering the best performance.

With the Social Media Boost package, you can:

  • Introduce your business in the boldest way possible.
  • Build trust in your business by showing your process.
  • Demonstrate your understanding of customer pain points.
  • Save time for both you and your customer by answering frequently asked questions.
  • Identify yourself as the qualified provider of the solution.
  • Build rapport faster.

With the Social Media Boost package you will have content that positions you as the ideal solution to a customer’s pain point. So when your prospect is searching online for products or services like yours, they will be more likely to choose yours because you are being open and honest with them.



As the package name suggests, this content is created for social media. We will focus on creating content for the platforms you will be using the most. Most marketing professionals will advise to pick one or two platforms to focus on.


Depending where you are wanting to film, a mileage fee may be added, a final cost will be provided at the planning stage.

Unfortunately, some people only focus on the initial price of the package with the goal of finding the cheapest video production company. They then sacrifice lots of time, quality and aesthetics, which inevitably leads to regret.

Leaving them to either forgo the opportunity of using a powerful marketing tool, or have to start all over again with another video production company.

  • Up to 2 filming locations.
  • Up to 10X 60 clips.
  • Up to 3X up to 2 minutes in length.
  • Licensed music from Epidemic Sound.
  • Up to 20 photo/branded graphics for repurposing.
  • Up to 2 animated call to action end cards.
  • Working with you to build your on camera performance.


Discovery call

First, we have an initial discussion to understand more about you, what you do, how you do it, find out more about your customers, what problem they face, how you fix that problem, then I ask you what customer story you think would be best to share for this video case study.

This information provides us with the foundation for the subjects we can cover in the videos and graphics. We also take this time to discuss the logistics of where filming will be taking place and find out what experience you have with making video content.

With your consent we may ask to record our conversation so we can focus on what you’re saying instead of scribbling notes.


Depending on your experience with video we may put together scripts or some bullet points to prompt you. Alternatively we will write a script for you to read from on a teleprompter. We will present this to you to ensure you are happy with it and its factually correct.

Depending on the location, we may also carry out location scouting – this is where we will visit the location, find the best area to film based on lighting and sound conditions, some areas may be too echoey, others too bright or dark.

Part of the location scouting will include an on-site risk assessment taking into account environmental factors, as well as health and safety. Once we have all this information, we will send it to you to sign off on and we will agree a firm date for filming.


The day has come for filming! We will arrive at the location and get set up. You then arrive and we get you warmed up and make you feel at ease with speaking to the camera.

Don’t worry we will guide you through the whole process, make some suggestions so we’re getting the best performance from you. We will film a few takes so we have some variation to choose from when it comes to editing.

Once the main direct to camera clips have been filmed, we will the record b-roll. B-roll is clips of you in action, not talking to the camera, carrying out a task, or even shots of the location, we may ask you to carry out some tasks that we can film to provide context to what you said to the camera.

We may have a photographer with us taking photos of the filming, you may also use these photos for your own social media.


This is the stage of the process where we edit all of what we shot on the day of filming. We add the motion graphics of your logo, name and title.

We also use this time to correctly colour the footage and neaten up some shots so everything looks great!

We will provide you with the finished videos, fit for YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, your website and (if you use it) a square sized one formatted for Instagram.


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