Fresh Motors is a used retail and commercial car and van dealership and repair centre based in Watton, Norfolk. They approached us to create a series of videos to help with long distance sales.
The objective of the Fresh Motors Experience video is to show an overview of what it’s like to be a customer and ultimately experience the Fresh Motors brand before even visiting the site. Taking this one step further, Fresh Motors wanted to show transparency of their business. To do this, we took the camera behind the scenes to reveal what happens in the workshop.


To provide broad overview of the guarantee that Fresh Motors offer with all their vehicles, this short video establishes trust for the brand for the business’ protection and warranty page. We used key members of staff such as business director Jacob Freshwater to speak directly to camera as well as front of house staff to explain what the guarantee means, this also created familiarity and breaks the ice so when the customer visits the premises in person, they will already recognise some familiar faces.


The protection and warranty page also features the Comprehensive Premium Warranty explainer video. This video was created to help remove the complexity of the Comprehensive Premium Warranty that is upsold. This sales asset took the frequently asked questions and this effectively communicates a top-level overview of what the benefits and features of the cover in a branded video. Resulting in a sales asset that works 24/7 for Fresh Motors and can provide that additional layer of value for potential customers, instead of sending documents with large amounts of text.


How do you get across the value of a paint and fabric protection product with just words and static imagery? Short answer: you can’t quite do that.
Fresh Motors wanted to provide an overview of the Diamondbrite product in a branded video. We wanted to show the attention to detail the valet team goes through to prepare the vehicle and use animation to explain how the protection system works. This is another sales asset the team can use to upsell the product significantly reducing and replacing the huge amounts of text that was once sent out to the customer.


In this amazing testimonial from Jacob Freshwater at Fresh Motors we sat down to discuss how the videos we produced for them helped solved that problem, increased product sales conversion and helped them achieve a 76.8% click through rate on one of their product pages.
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