5 Quick Tips About Clothing When Filming

We’ve been going through emails for frequently asked questions about the best practices for filming. Typically clients ask about location and timings etc. We know how best to approach these and overcome issues that may arise. What you are wearing is also important.

Not often an issue with companies that have their own uniform. But when the subject we’re filming is using their own wardrobe to pick from. There are some considerations to bear in mind with video production.

In this article we provide some advice to avoid pitfalls. This saves you having to invest further into reshoots. Or potentially buying clothing that won’t work for your project) and helps you look great on camera.

Green jumpers on hanger

Photo by Keagan Henman on Unsplash

Fine wears

Pin-stripes, odd-stripes, polka-dots and fine patterns look great in person, however on video it creates a moiré effect. Without getting too technical, it’s when two patterns that are in close proximity interact with each other. This results in unwanted wavy, shimmery, almost rainbow-like lines across the garment which can be very distracting for your viewer.

Sometimes it can be fixed with editing. But it’s best to dress accordingly to avoid this all together.

Photo by Barna Bartis on Unsplash

Seasonal slip-ups

We do our best to make sure you can get a lot of mileage out of the content we create for you. Wearing seasonal clothing such as Christmas jumpers or clothing with a day of the year on them will quickly date your content.

Wear plain clothing so the viewer focuses on what your content is truly about… Unless your content is about Christmas jumpers made in 2004…

Woman wearing a Christmas outfit

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Big on branding

You know that saying, less is more, well this is especially true for branded clothing. A subtle logo is fine, but wearing a large sports brand logo can be a distraction.

With logos that are not associated with your brand, it may convey mixed messaging. Sometimes the brand may not be involved with the content you’re creating, making another distraction for your viewer.

Man wearing a hoodie with large logo

Photo by Brandon Webb on Unsplash

No time to reflect

Large shiny and reflective jewellery looks great. But on video this can be blinding behind the lens. Studio lighting pointed toward you to helps create a professional image, adding additional reflective accessories will over expose and wash out the image.

woman with jewellery

Photo by Ruan Richard Rodrigues on Unsplash

So what should you wear?

Wear what you feel comfortable in. It will get a bit warm when filming so something not too light or dark and heavy clothing can make you sweat under studio lights and you may be feeling a bit nervous if this is your first time filming. Fabrics that are breathable and not too tight are best. Bring a few variations as a back up too.

Plain colours that are not similar to the location we’re filming in will help you pop out from the background instead of merging into the wall. That’s why we suggest wearing plain clothing with simple or flat textures.

We create content that is authentic, so you feel at ease when talking about it. We always say to our clients, speak to the camera about your business the way you would speaking to a friend or family member. We’d imagine you’d also not go about doing that in clothing that isn’t authentic to you either.

Having said all of this, do speak to our crew prior to filming so we provide you with some options so you look great on camera! With over 10 years experience, divine.media is a video production company from Norfolk you can trust to best represent your brand and business.