Why businesses aren’t getting results with video marketing

Why businesses aren’t getting results with video marketing

Why are people still hosting their videos on YouTube and posting links to them on LinkedIn or Facebook?? You’re not going to get as much engagement for 2 reasons:

1) YouTube videos posted these platforms do not autoplay however, videos uploaded directly to LinkedIn or Facebook do. It’s one less action for them to take and people are more likely to stop scrolling and watch your video if it autoplays. Resulting in more engagement, seeing your message and buying your product/service.

2) People don’t like being taken off the platform they’re on. It interrupts their flow and spoils their experience. It’s like sitting down in a restaurant to have your main, but if you want to have your dessert, your waitress/waiter asks you to move to another table.

However, what we had found is that some businesses want to build up their numbers on YouTube to get paid on the platform, if that’s the case, start creating a snippet from the video and upload it natively to LinkedIn or Facebook with a link in the comments to the full video on YouTube.

So in order to get more engagement on your message start working with the platform, not against it. Honestly the more effort you put into your video content the more you’re going to get out!

What works well for your marketing? What would you advise against? Let me know in the comments.