Gravitilab // STEM Learning UK

“This is their hard work…happening!”

We were asked by Gravitilab Aerospace Services to help them capture the CanSat 2022 regional competition set up by STEM Learning UK and ESERO UK, the project took us to some nice drives to Leicester and York.

This video’s purpose is to get students interested in getting involved in the future CanSat competitions. We achieved this by capturing ground and aerial shots of the event unfolding and focusing on that why. Why does this competition exist, what’s involved and ultimately – if someone was to watch this video – what would they know after watching it and how will they feel. We stitched together the narrative of the competition with thanks to some interviews from STEM Learning, UK Space Agency and students from the competition. We had the benefits and career impact of the competition described by a previous CanSat competition winner too.

Music also plays a key part in conveying the pace and emotion and we chose a score that ramped up in trajectory and was subtle at key points to place emphasis the words being spoken.

Putting together event coverage video is really interesting, you have an overall idea of what is happening on the day, but the rest of it is about

being reactive and capturing key elements of an event as it unfolds. Like when the student is shouting for joy that he’s receiving data from his satellite! You get that feeling of “Yes that’s what we wanted!!”.