Product video for Centurion Safety

Product video for Centurion Safety

Norwich based video production company were approached by Thetford based PPE manufacturer Centurion Safety Products to produce a series of video teasers and a product launch video for their latest sustainable innovation

The brief was to create an exciting series of video content for first use at a trade show event. The product video had to portray Centurion Safety as an innovative market leader, communicate the company’s mission and sustainability vision, this helped introduce the company in the strongest way possible.

A lot of work put into the pre-production stage to make sure we set clear KPIs and be clear on the message we wanted to get across. The length of the video needed to be short enough to be engaging and concise in its delivery to maintain the momentum of the video.

The filming took place on site at Centurion Safety’s premises in Thetford for the pieces to camera and b-roll. Additional filming of the product on a blue screen being rotated on a turntable was captured afterwards, which would later be animated for some dynamic product shots.

A-roll of the interview pieces needed to be kept on schedule, especially as we were filming with the CEO of the company where Allan’s time was limited, a strict time schedule and shot list was created to ensure we captured everything in one day and work schedule of those involved to minimise disruption to the business.

“We were super pleased with the engagement we received.”

Julie Hepton, Product Marketing Manager Product Marketing Manager | Centurion Safety

Here are a few behind the screens shots of what went on in the edit suite.

Stay tuned to see the finished videos, we will showcase the teaser videos as well as the final release video.

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