How should you make video content for your business?

How should you make video content for your business?

We had an enquiry about videos for a website this week. We were asked would it be a good idea to work with videos that are both recorded remotely via zoom (or a phone) mixed with the content we would produce with our camera, lighting and sound set up?


Yes and no was the answer.


Yes, its fine if you’re getting testimonials from some of your customers, that will further affirm the authenticity of their message about your business, and it comes across more genuine as it will look like it’s just off the cusp.


But if you were to do the same with your own business and staff appearing in the video with a mixture of homegrown video and professional video, it may be perceived a little differently.

The look will come across a bit messy and inconsistent, not the impression you want to establish at the beginning of a customer journey.


Let’s remember, there’s a reason why someone visits your website, they’re already somewhat invested in your business, unlike social media they haven’t just stumbled upon your business in their newsfeed. The focus is now exclusively on you and you need to maintain the message of your professionalism and skillset with high quality written and visual content that accurately reflects your brand.